Faculty of Management and Marketing is one of the leading faculties of Sіmon Kusnets Kharkiv National University of Economics.
The faculty consists of four issues of the department. For the quality of training in “Management” correspond to three department headed by professor, member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Е. Yastremskaya (Department of Economics, organization and planning of the company), T.Lepeyko (Department of Management and Business) and V. Koyuda (Department of Management). Department of Economics and Marketing, responsible for bachelors and masters of “Marketing”, headed by professor P.Orlov.
Competitive advantage of educational programs is a deep faculty to train students in economics and management, foreign languages, technology, continuous computer training, whereby they become qualified users of applications and systems support decision-making. Another advantage of training is that the training is being known scientists, heads of business practitioners, representatives of state bodies of the city and the region.
Specialization “Management organization and administration” on different systematic management of modern enterprises, contributing to students acquiring competencies for planning, analyzing the performance of enterprises and their units ability to develop enterprise development strategies, works to organize, supervise and motivate staff. Students are offered graduate program “Business process management in the enterprise” (supervisor prof. Koyuda V.O.).
Specialization “Management of innovation” is aimed at training professionals who can ensure efficient operation of the enterprise in accordance with the most promising trends of world business innovation, promote development and achieve competitiveness in accordance with modern structural and innovative model of economic development of Ukraine.
Graduates of the specialization “Logistics” can perform management activities in logistics services, procurement logistics, logistics, transport and warehousing activities; conduct analytical work on risk management in logistics for optimizing logistics solutions.
Specialization “Management Business Administration” focused on management training that can harmonize internal environment stable and maintain effective communication with the external environment at different levels in order to achieve sustainable operation and development of the company.
Speciality “Marketing” is aimed at training specialists, the main result of which is to ensure the sustainable operation and development of businesses in a competitive environment based on the harmonization of the interests of consumers and enterprises. Students are offered two graduate programs: “The strategic and operational marketing” (supervisor prof. Orlov P.), and “Marketing in services” (supervisor prof. Lisitca N.).
Starting in 2008 at the Faculty formed academic group of students who learn only English majors within “Business Administration” and “Management of innovative activity”. Since 2015, students of specialty “Marketing” was possible regulatory disciplines of study a foreign language. This allows students to prepare for integration into the European education system to participate in student exchange programs with the best European universities (Shtayer, Austria; University of Technology Lulyeo, Sweden; Polytechnic University, Warsaw, Poland ; Strasburg’s University – France) and increases the competitiveness of the Ukrainian and international labor markets.
Students of the Faculty of Management and Marketing holds first place in national competitions and scientific works of economic nature.
Study at the faculty contributes to the harmonious development of the individual, so if you have a desire to express themselves in sports, art groups, social activities, debate club or be a student at a prestigious university, we are ready to cooperate.
If you want the current system, and most importantly – useful knowledge to enterprises, to be able to use them for the development of organizations and their career, your choice should be the Department of Management and Marketing KhNUE them. S. Kuznets.